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aptitude in 30 seconds

March 17, 2006

You should probably start using aptitude next time you install a new debian system. Search for it on the web, and you’ll understand why (and why it’s the apt frontend the debian project recomends).

If you’re stuck with the interface, here are some tips:

– F10 or Ctrl+T brings up its menu;

– If you use aptitude under X (in gnome-terminal, konsole, xterm, whatever), you can use your mouse to use the menu, and switch between opened views.

– At the end of each menu option, its shortcut key is shown;

– The most important keys (acessible through the menu as well) are:

u – update package list

+ – mark package for installation

– – mark package for removal

/ – search forward

n – see next result

\ – search backwards

g – Do action/apply (GO!)

– Keys you’ll also want to learn:

U – mark all upgradable packages

C – See changelog of package

– Open/close trees, open new view for selected package

q – exit current view/exit aptitude

? – brings up aptitude’s help


Cries for decentralization!

March 15, 2006

“The role of software decentralisation in the linux revolution is unfortunately too little appreciated. . . Most people are still in the thraldom of the Open Source dogma that centralisation is ‘more efficient and economical.’ They close their eyes to the fact that the alleged ‘economy’ is achieved at the cost of the developers’ limb and life, that the ‘efficiency’ degrades him to a mere development cog, deadens his soul, kills his body. Furthermore, in a system of centralisation the administration of software development becomes constantly merged in fewer hands, producing a powerful bureaucracy of software overlords. It would indeed be the sheerest irony if the revolution were to aim at such a result. It would mean the creation of a new master class.”

Using beagle to search your documentation in Debian

March 10, 2006

Was looking at beagle’s bugs in Debian and found an interesting wishlist bug called “Index installed documentation”.

The idea is to use beagle to index /usr/share/doc, /usr/{local,}share/man, and /usr/{local,}share/info . This can be done going through Desktop–>Settings–>Search&Index (aka beagle-settings)

Now, when will beagle enter Testing, hmm?

Installing Debian 4.0 r0 “etch” on Acer Aspire 3003LMi

March 7, 2006

This is a report of the installation of Debian 4.0 r0 “etch” on a Acer Aspire 3003LMi Debian’s Logo


I downloaded the 1st CD of Debian, and booted the laptop with it. At the boot screen, I typed ‘expertgui‘ so I would both get the graphical install and all the questions thrown at me (am I a control freak?).
I began installing with the laptop off-line, but you would be best to do it connected to the net (via Ethernet), since this way the installer helps you choose APT servers from your country, among a few other niceties.

The laptop came with Windows XP, with two FAT32 partitions sized to 50 GB each (actually there’s a third “hidden” partition, I think it has to do with Acer Recover, but I never messed with it). I used the following following partition scheme:

/ – 9 GB formatted as Ext3
swap –
2 GB formatted duh! as swap
/home –
43 GB formatted as Ext3 with the ‘user_xattr’ option (good for beagle and other search programs)


HOWTO: Propagandize effectively to bloggers

March 7, 2006

The huge PR industry has got its eyes on bloggers. See this handy HOWTO and imunitize yourself: How to Suck Up to a Blogger

Blogging aplications

March 7, 2006

Launched aptitude, searched for “blog”, and found two results: gnome-blog and blogtk.

The first is an applet for gnome’s panel, with simple formatting options. It’s a good idea to use for quick and simple entries, as a single-click to the applet opens ups the editor. It acepts images by drag-and-drop.

Free Image Hosting at

BloGTK is a more full-fledged blog editor. It can be used to add new posts, edit older ones, to enable or disable comments per post, add keywords, previews of the posts, etc, etc.

Free Image Hosting at

Just saw the movie Nineteen Eighty Four

March 7, 2006

Nineteen Eighty Four Image

And what a remarkable movie it is.

Why is it that in the wikipedia entry of the book a text search for “humanity” finds no results?