Blogging aplications


Launched aptitude, searched for “blog”, and found two results: gnome-blog and blogtk.

The first is an applet for gnome’s panel, with simple formatting options. It’s a good idea to use for quick and simple entries, as a single-click to the applet opens ups the editor. It acepts images by drag-and-drop.

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BloGTK is a more full-fledged blog editor. It can be used to add new posts, edit older ones, to enable or disable comments per post, add keywords, previews of the posts, etc, etc.

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2 Responses to “Blogging aplications”

  1. Roel Says:

    There’s also Drivel. It originally started as a Livejournal blogging app, I think, but now it is compatible with all kinds of blog tools.

  2. Rui Moura Says:

    I use drivel as well. Simple, fast.

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