aptitude in 30 seconds


You should probably start using aptitude next time you install a new debian system. Search for it on the web, and you’ll understand why (and why it’s the apt frontend the debian project recomends).

If you’re stuck with the interface, here are some tips:

– F10 or Ctrl+T brings up its menu;

– If you use aptitude under X (in gnome-terminal, konsole, xterm, whatever), you can use your mouse to use the menu, and switch between opened views.

– At the end of each menu option, its shortcut key is shown;

– The most important keys (acessible through the menu as well) are:

u – update package list

+ – mark package for installation

– – mark package for removal

/ – search forward

n – see next result

\ – search backwards

g – Do action/apply (GO!)

– Keys you’ll also want to learn:

U – mark all upgradable packages

C – See changelog of package

– Open/close trees, open new view for selected package

q – exit current view/exit aptitude

? – brings up aptitude’s help


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    […] Aptitude is the prefered package management in Debian. If you aren’t used to it, checkout my aptitude in 30 seconds Guide. […]

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