Graphical Debian Installer interface, and me


A while ago I presented some ideas, and graphics for Debian's graphical Installer which will be released for Etch. Actually, that page reflects the final graphics I presented to the debian-installer guys, with most being used. I quieted down as I became a bit confused on the entire thing, because it involved some constraints (either technical, or otherwise) which I didn't foresee, and couldn't work them out on my head. Also, at the time I didn't have a clear head for it, for various other reasons.

So time passed, and last night I decided to continue this. I had re-started thinking about it before, but never with the same commitment as now. So I think I've managed to work out some sketches of how would a perfect interface for D-I, within its constraints, be.

Constraints which I agree should stay, since, for instance, the graphical D-I will just be a different fronted to the installer. Another debian developer has also started making a web interface for d-i!).

The bad news is that the last beta for the gtk d-i will be released soon, and after it only release candidates will be done until the final release with etch. I think this means that not many changes will be accepted to it now, including changes to the interface.

And I think I found a good solution to simplify the interface. In fact, I think it would also be good for debconf or even for the future GUI for reportbug. It's not new, or anything. I think I've seen it before in fedora core's installation interface.

The sketches I had done where smaller sized, so I did these bigger. They were made in a rush, so ignore the non-straight lines, etc. And click the image to view full-size.

Sketches for debian installer and debconf

The other bad news is, I don't program, although I don't think (but what do I know) that moving the question descriptions to a left pane would need big programming.

I will prepare this idea better to present it to the d-i guys. The second phase will begin after my interface idea is turned down ( 🙂 ), or a final interface is decided, when I'll be making better graphics, icons, and possibly a theme (this last part is what I'm more afraid of).

Also, please comment away. Specifically what to you think of this kind of debconf interface?
The more greener to GNU/Linux you are, the more I want your opinion. Debconf is the de facto way of configuring packages in Debian-land, and I want its interface improved for the sake of new users (and old like me)!


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