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LiveWiki done with Squeak

November 5, 2006

Here’s the Post detailing it, and here’s the Screencast . It’s  done in Squeak.
I think gnu/linux and free software in general could only gain if it adopted this kind of advanced, object-oriented, programmer and user friendly language, or if it improved on it to create a new one.


Howto to start liferea in the system tray

November 5, 2006

How to make liferea start hidden in the system tray?

Use :

liferea –mainwindow-state=hidden

I’ve added this command in the Startup Applications tab in System->Preferences->Sessions (or Dekstop->Preferences->Sessions if you’re using an older Gnome) so it automatically starts up hidden when I log-in.

You can see other options liferea accepts with:

liferea –help

as is common with all gnu/linux applications.