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Gnome demands conformity of the user, KDE potenciates creativity

May 25, 2007

I have switched fully to KDE, and I am delighted. anoying kde mascot.

Not only I have a fully working password manager (kwallet), many aplications have notifications, which you can use to automate the system your way (say, you want to ktorrent to launch when knetworkmanager logs to the net, etc.), and the system alltogether feels faster (a big part must have been just the switch from firefox to konqueror), smoother, with no crashes.

Some applications of choice:

Webbrowser – Konqueror

To hide most corporate propaganda, you go to this place and download the latest filter text file (today it’s 2007-02-02a.txt).
Then in Konqueror, go to the menu Configuration->Configure Konqueror->Adblock Filters. Choose to import, and choose the above text file.

torrent app – ktorrent

To avoid nasty corporate drones, go to the menu Configuration->Configure Ktorrent->Plugins.
Activate the ipfilter plugin. In the ipfilter plugin window, use this adress for the ips:

I’m already salivating for kde4 (will release later this year).

Oh, and kde has a nice developer website at