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Scratch – Multimedia Programming for everyone

June 23, 2007

Scratch – Multimedia Programming for everyone

Here is the video introducing Scratch, an easy to use multimedia programming environment developed at MIT, which you can download for free from its homepage.
Checkout the above site if you want to see what kind of programs people are making with scratch. There’s a bit of everything (you’ll need Java installed to view this projects on the browser. If you don’t have it, your browser should give an option to install it):

There are people using it to try out new ways of interacting with music;
Kids working out how gravity works;
A group of people developing together a Tetris game;
Funny interactive movies;
Commented slideshows of a person’s drawings;
Humour (well, if you get hooked into it, you’ll find this funny;
Strangely mesmerizing projects;
Highly graphically sofisticated games, likes this archer game.

And best of all, you can look at the code of all these projects, and learn from them.

But don’t let the sophistication of some of these projects put you back. The point is that you find out your own uses of the program!

Some tips:
1 – Take a look at . It contains Starting Guides and Video Tutorials of Scratch. If you ever get stumped, here is a good place to learn a bit more on how to use it.
2 – Don’t give up on the 1st, 2nd, and 3 try. Maybe on the 4th try you’ll make some progress! Just remember to start simple!
3 – Get friends to join you in this trip. It’s always more fun to have someone in the flesh around to talk about what you both are doing, and exchange ideas and tips.

If you are interested on some of the views which led these people make Scratch (and other things), you might find this talk interesting, done by its main designer:

Sowing the Seed for a more Creative Society – Mitchel Resnick

P.S.- If you want to use Scratch in linux, either download the windows version and use WINE (your distro should have it), or follow these instructions.