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Using beagle to search your documentation in Debian

March 10, 2006

Was looking at beagle’s bugs in Debian and found an interesting wishlist bug called “Index installed documentation”.

The idea is to use beagle to index /usr/share/doc, /usr/{local,}share/man, and /usr/{local,}share/info . This can be done going through Desktop–>Settings–>Search&Index (aka beagle-settings)

Now, when will beagle enter Testing, hmm?


Blogging aplications

March 7, 2006

Launched aptitude, searched for “blog”, and found two results: gnome-blog and blogtk.

The first is an applet for gnome’s panel, with simple formatting options. It’s a good idea to use for quick and simple entries, as a single-click to the applet opens ups the editor. It acepts images by drag-and-drop.

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BloGTK is a more full-fledged blog editor. It can be used to add new posts, edit older ones, to enable or disable comments per post, add keywords, previews of the posts, etc, etc.

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